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Mind-Body Medicine: Mindfulness and Imagery

Practices such as mindfulness meditation and imagery are enormously valuable in supporting healing, recovery and wellness. Dr. Steve is trained in using mindfulness to support health and also certified in Interactive Guided Imagerysm

Mindfulness meditation quiets the mind, opens the heart, and relaxes the body. The practice of mindfulness leads to a sense of inner stability. We experience more 'breathing room' and spaciousness inside. With mindfulness practice we can be less reactive to stressful events. Stressors trigger physical reactions (tight body, pain, racing heart), emotional reactions (waves of anxiety or fear), and automatic thoughts (worries about the future and harsh judgments about ourselves). We can be carried away by these reactions, feeling out of control and really suffering. Mindfulness practice teaches us how to navigate stressful events in a different way, gently releasing ourselves from automatic reactions, and touching a sense of calm and control even during difficult times. We are so often distracted, we can easily miss out on occasions of joy and pleasure. Mindfulness practice also allows us to also be more present to life's wonderful moments.

Free guided meditations:  Click HERE for two of Dr. Steve's guided mindfulness mediations -- body scan and awareness of breath.
Checkout this excellent introduction to mindfulness and its health benefits: LINK

Works by Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD, founder of the Stress Reduction Clinic of the University of Massachusetts Medical Center. Best first book is: Full Catastrophe Living. Jon has recorded guided meditations available as Series 1 and Series 3.

Mindfulness Audio CDs by Bob Stahl are available for a number of specific conditions. Also Bob has an excellent new WORKBOOK and CD SET that is a course in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.

Interactive Guided Imagerysm is used to experience deep relaxation, overcome stress, access intuition, and activate healing in the body. You can use your own mind to strengthen your immune system, regulate your nervous system, and support healing throughout your body. Patients use imagery to boost the effects of medical treatment, reduce treatment side effects, relieve pain and other medical symptoms, and enhance vitality and well being. In a typical imagery session, you will be guided to a state of deep relaxation and well-being. Images (pictures or symbols) will form in a natural way that lets you to direct your mind's energy for healing the body. You can learn more about Interactive Guided Imagery through the Academy for Guided Imagery website. Other excellent resources include books and CDs of Martin L. Rossman, MD (e.g. Guided Imagery for Self-Healing: An Essential Resource for Anyone Seeking Wellness; and Fighting Cancer From Within.)

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