Steven Rosenzweig, MD

Good medicine. Natural healing.

Focus on Therapies

Philosophy of Integrative Medicine

Mainstream medicine has historically overlooked many important approaches to healing. These include mind-body practices like meditation, plant medicines, acupuncture, and body-based methods such as massage. The best medicine integrates and balances the power of conventional drugs and procedures with these more natural methods. Integrative Medicine builds on mainstream medicine at its best. The foundation of care is the relationship between patient and physician. Attention is given to the medical problem, but also to the whole person -- body, mind, soul and spirit. We direct our energies to the relief of symptoms AND to improving wellness, increasing vitality and strengthening resilience. We make use of whatever therapy is appropriate, conventional or alternative, in the service of the patient. Conventional medicine is superb at addressing isolated problems and at rescue. Natural therapies empower patients by cultivating their own capacity for self-healing. It only makes sense that we need both. While Integrative Medicine is relatively new to US healthcare, it has deep roots in European and Asian medical models.

updated: 3 years ago