Steven Rosenzweig, MD

Good medicine. Natural healing.

Focus on Therapies

Supportive Care for Serious Illness and Palliative Medicine

Dr. Steve brings an integrative medicine approach to serve patients facing serious illness. He is Board Certified in Palliative Medicine, and uses the best of standard and natural approaches to support each patient's life force and relieve symptoms. He supports patients and families as they face treatment decisions, sort through options, and clarify priorities and goals.

"My aim is to support each person's sense of aliveness and well being, and to relieve symptoms and distress caused by both the illness and the treatment. I address issues such as fatigue, pain, anxiety, problems with sleeping, nausea, loss of appetite and bowel issues. From time to time my patient and I take a step back to look at the whole picture in order to reassess treatment choices and goals."

updated: 8 months ago