Steven Rosenzweig, MD

Good medicine. Natural healing.

Supportive care and natural therapies for challenging illness.

Supportive care and natural therapies for challenging illness
"I treat each patient as a whole person. I prescribe natural therapies and also regular medicines when needed, and emphasize the essential healing relationship between mind and body. The goal of care is greater vitality, symptom relief, and an expanded sense of well-being, even in the presence of challenging illness."

Dr. Steve's practice focuses on treating chronic disease and also supportive care for life-challenging illness.
Treatments include: herbal medicines, nutrients, homeopathics and Anthroposophic medicines. Mind-body therapies include Interactive Guided Imagery and Mindfulness. Standard medical treatment is prescribed whenever appropriate. Referrals are often made for therapies such as acupuncture, medical massage and chiropractic.

Please note: Dr. Rosenzweig is not a primary care physician.

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updated: 9 months ago